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Who Is Brando?!?!?

He was performing in bars long before he was old enough to drink. Young Element started out with his brothers in the group CBC writing and performing songs at the tender age of 13. Being the youngest of the group in no way phased him because each of them had their own special gifts, his was writing. His first Cd was with his brothers birthed the iconic and signature song of Maylay Entertainment “Hometown”. Eventually he would branch out on his own and release his own CD’s “Element for President” & “Music is my Savior”. Life as it would detoured him a bit by having the responsibility of providing for his family. Music would have to take a back seat for a while, but it would always tug at his heart. After a few life altering events, one being the death of his father he felt it was time to get back to the music, after all it was his savior. He felt he had a lot more wisdom and understanding of this thing called life. It had dealt him an early pair of working man hands, lessons on who and what’s important and the overall disappointment, of how people can lead you wrong mentally and physically.

He released the single “Bend A Knee” in 2018 which chronicles his life experiences over the past few years with insights on marriage, family, and loss. His experiences have helped him hone his craft into one of the most prolific lyricists with lyrics that move you mentally, therefore we have Brando Elemental awaiting all who will listen.

His new release The “J” pays homage to his hometown Joliet IL. With the beat by The Headcutta and his lyrics penned with pride in his upbringing and surroundings it is sure to be his break out hit

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